Talia Pearl (thetomboyfemme) wrote in rvaplayground,
Talia Pearl


hi, i am looking for someone to sublet my room asap, i live in a 3 br
apt and have decided to move in with myself, it is a 2nd floor walk up
in jackson ward on clay street across from the rugby field. rent is
292 a month that includes water, and trash. there is central heat/air,
a washer dryer, a dishwasher, and hardwood floors, currently in
habiting it is myself and two other college art majors, i am trying to
find someone to move in soon so i can sign a lease on a new place, i
would prefer to have someone take over my part of the lease which
would mean the LANDLORDS NEED A $438 SECURITY DEPOSIT.i would be
willing to sublet for the right person. there are two cats but they
are moving
out in january/december with one of our roomates. please call me back
and let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested
in. my number is 484-542-0604
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